Thursday, July 16, 2009

#162 Russ Nixon

#162 Russ Nixon
Since it's been a couple of weeks since I last regularly updated this blog, I just wanted to remind you that the currently featured batch of cards came from Don, one of the trusty readers that help to make this blog what it is. Thanks again, Don!

Fun facts about Russ Nixon:

-Born in Cleves, OH, Russ signed with the Indians as a teenager in 1953.

-Played with his twin brother Roy (who never made it to the majors) in the minors.

-After batting between .319 and .387 in four minor league seasons, he joined the Indians in 1957 and hit .281 as a rookie.

-Hit a career-high .301 with 9 home runs and 46 RBI in his sophomore effort.

-Was traded from the Tribe to the Red Sox twice in 1960! The first trade, in March, was voided when Sammy White refused to report to the Indians. The two teams finally worked out a new deal in June.

-On August 31, 1965, Russ tied a major league record by hitting three sacrifice flies in one game.

-Catchers are not traditionally fleet of foot, but Russ holds the major league record for most career games without a stolen base. In 906 contests, he went 0-for-7, and did not so much as attempt a theft in his final seven seasons. Cecil Fielder stole his first base in his 1,097th game, returning Russ to the top of the heap (or bottom).

-Retired in 1968 as a .268 career hitter in twelve seasons.

-Found a second career as a manager, managing in the minors for sixteen total seasons and briefly holding the major league helm in Cincinnati (101-131 in 1982-83) and Atlanta (130-216 in 1988-90). In Atlanta, he was replaced by Bobby Cox, who's still there twenty years later!

-Is still active in baseball, currently serving as a roving instructor in the Texas Rangers organization.
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  1. found this in my internet travels, figured you'd like it, and maybe could use it in your blogging.

  2. Thanks Max! I have seen that before. Those road grays have never looked so good, huh?