Thursday, February 19, 2009

#529 Jerry Fosnow

Jerry Fosnow by you.
The first thing that jumps out at me when I look at this card of Jerry Fosnow is the great Twins logo patch on his left sleeve. There's also a fairly clear view of the field and stands behind him; does anyone know which stadium that is?

Fun facts about Jerry Fosnow:

-His birthday is September 21. Some notable baseball players born on that day include Cecil Fielder and Sam McDowell.

-A proud Ohioan, Jerry signed with the Indians in 1959 and went 15-4 with a 3.42 ERA for the Selma Cloverleafs in Class D ball in his first pro season. He tossed a no-hitter for the club.

-After pitching in only seven games in 1961, he was acquired by the Twins in an "unknown transaction". Ooooooo!

-Was called up by the Twins in 1964 and had a rough go of it, allowing 13 runs and 21 baserunners in 10 and two-thirds innings (10.97 ERA).

-Got a second look in 1965 and had an easier go of it, with a 3-3 record and two saves in 29 relief appearances. His 4.44 ERA was still below-standard, though, and he returned to the minor leagues for good in July.

-Earned his first career win on Opening Day, 1965. Jim Kaat had held the Yankees at bay for nine innings, and gave way to Jerry in the 10th with the score even at 4-4. The youngster pitched two scoreless innings, striking out Roger Maris with two runners in scoring position to end the tenth. In the bottom of the eleventh, Cesar Tovar's RBI single made him a winner.

-Fosnow's first career save also came against New York, nine days later. He scattered a hit and four walks in two scoreless innings to nail down a 7-2 duke for Minnesota. Again, he stymied Maris, who flew out to center field with the bases loaded to end the game.

-He continued pitching in the minors for two and one-half years after the Twins demoted him in 1965. His last hurrah was with the 1967 Spokane Indians; a 2.51 ERA in 40 games that year wasn't enough to crack the Dodgers' big league roster.

-As of 2002, he was a retired salesman living on the grounds of the DeBary Country Club in Florida.
Jerry Fosnow (back) by you.


  1. I assume given he's wearing a white home jersey thatd be Metropolitain which was in Bloomington currently the site of the Mall of America.

  2. Since this is a high number card I bet that photo was at Yankee Stadium from early in 65 where the Twins played twice in early April. Just a bad angle aimed towards left field. I don't think that is a home jersey. See Allison's card--the Twins' home uniforms had pinstripes in the 60s
    The interesting thing about this card and many others in the 65 set is that a guy with only 7 games played in '64 was not a 'rookie.' Topps had to fill this set because many players (like Orioles Dick Hall and Dick Brown) had signed exclusive contracts with Fleer so many 'marginal' or typical rookie card players got their own card like Ken Rowe, Frank Bertaina, et al. Another reason why this set is so special.

  3. I believe Anonymous is right. It's harder to tell with the old-style jerseys, but those look like road grays. I'm not used to seeing old Yankee Stadium from that angle.

  4. I was lucky enough to meet Jerry in Longwood Fl. I had asked him where the picture was taken he replied Detroit.

  5. I meet him in wind dixe in debary he gave me a original baseball card of him.