Thursday, August 12, 2010

#328 Eddie Fisher

#328 Eddie Fisher
This Eddie Fisher is not to be confused with the 1950s and 1960s entertainer who was married to Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, and Connie Stevens. Though I'm sure he tried to convince those ladies at various times that he was their husband, though. It's worth a shot.

Fun facts about Eddie Fisher:

-A native of Shreveport, LA, Eddie graduated from the University of Oklahoma and signed with the Giants in 1958.

-He debuted with San Francisco in his second pro season, but appeared in only 35 major league games in three seasons before being traded to the White Sox.

-His first full season was a success, as he started 12 games for Chicago, relieved in 45 others, and went 9-5 with five saves and a 3.10 ERA in 1962.

-From 1963-1966, he was bullpen-mates with the ageless Hoyt Wilhelm, who helped him to refine his own knuckleball.

-He was an All-Star in 1965, when he led the American League with 82 appearances (all in relief), 60 games finished, and a 0.98 WHIP. He also went 15-7 with 24 saves and a 2.40 ERA. He was tabbed as the Fireman of the Year.

-Fisher led the league in appearances for a second straight year in 1966, when he combined for 67 games pitched for the White Sox and Orioles. Following a midseason trade to Baltimore, he was instrumental in the pennant drive with five wins, 13 saves, and a 2.64 ERA.

-Eddie spent one more year in Baltimore before making a stop in Cleveland (2.85 ERA, 1.09 WHIP) followed by a successful three-plus-year stint with the Angels (21-19, 3.22 ERA, 17 saves).

-In his second appearance in his final season, the 36-year-old got a rare start and an even rarer complete game victory, topping the Rangers 10-5.

-After a return engagement with the Pale Hose, he finished his career in 1973 with the Cardinals. In parts of 15 seasons he was 85-70 with 81 saves and a 3.41 ERA.

-Eddie had a productive second career in finance and business as owner of his own sporting goods store in Oklahoma and president of First Federal Savings and Loan.
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  1. I don't believe that there is a baseball in that glove--maybe he is showing that Biz is working on those underarm stains...

  2. You raise an interesting point. Do you think Topps airbrushed out armpit stains?

  3. Looks like we both made references to the multiple Eddie Fishers of the world!