Wednesday, November 03, 2010

#425 Wayne Causey

#425 Wayne Causey
I don't know which Athletics are chilling in the dugout behind Wayne Causey, but I think it's pretty cool that we got that sneak peek.

Fun facts about Wayne Causey:

-Wayne was born in Ruston, LA and signed with the Orioles in 1955 as a bonus baby.

-Due to the rules of the time, he stayed on the major league roster for the entirety of 1955 and 1956. He also spent a bit of time with the O's in 1957. He was not quite ready for prime time, batting .187 with two home runs in 135 games in that span.

-Wayne was sent to the minors for a few years, and by the time he was ready to return Brooks Robinson and Ron Hansen had established themselves on the left side of the Baltimore infield. In 1961, he was traded to the Athletics and hit .276 with 8 homers and 49 RBI in 104 games.

-In 1963, Causey led the A's with 32 doubles and a .280 average.

-1964 was a career year for Wayne, as he led the American League in total times on base with 265. That number included 88 walks, helping him to a .377 on-base percentage. He again paced Kansas City with a .281 average and 31 doubles.

-On September 11, 1964, he went 4-for-5 with three doubles, three runs scored, and three RBI in an 8-0 romp over the Orioles.

-As his production dipped in the mid-1960s (due partially to a dislocated shoulder in 1965), he was dealt to the White Sox to clear the way for Bert Campaneris. In parts of three seasons with Chicago, he hit only .223.

-He had a good eye, as he walked 390 times in his career and only struck out 341 times.

-Wayne's career came to an ignoble end in 1968, as he totaled 22 hits in 148 at-bats (.149) for the White Sox, Angels, and Braves. In parts of 11 major league seasons, he batted .252 with 35 home runs and 285 RBI.

-After doing some scouting work for the Royals, Causey eventually returned home to Ruston and worked at the Ball-Incon Glass Company, climbing the ladder to become plant manager. He is now retired and lives with his wife Patsy.
#425 Wayne Causey (back)


  1. My brother had this card which meant I inherited it. (then his son inherited back). I always seem to have alot KC A's infielder or outfielders.

  2. Always liked KC Athletics cards. Funny how the oddball color combination (uniform & card) works fine.

  3. Those A's uniforms were really a conversation piece in those days. Their minor league team in Birmingham had the same uniforms and whenever they came to Chattanooga (where I grew up) my father would take me just to see the uniforms. In those days, conformity was the order of the day.

  4. Greg - I take it the A's weren't your favorite team? I used to swear that card companies intentionally created home team scarcity because I had trouble pulling Orioles from packs.

    Doug - The black borders work in this design regardless of the team.

    Marc - I can only imagine what the reaction was to the Astros' "tequila sunrise" uniforms when they debuted!

  5. one more thought about this card...It is the last of three previous card making use of the same picture. Talk about recycling! The pic was first showed in 63 card, his card is the only KC A's in that year showing the green gold combination. That and fact it was a high number lends me to beleive in was taken in 1963.

  6. I love these old A's vest uni's. Wasn't '65 when the A's started wearing white shoes? One of these days, with all the other players wearing white shoes (or orange) at the All-Star game, some A's player is going to have to wear plain black shoes.

  7. Kevin,

    It was a lot more of a shock in the early sixties. By the time the Astros unveiled their colorful uniforms, we had gone through the "sixties" and it was less unusual.

  8. ggaffery - Believe it or not, Topps still recycles photos. I noticed it with 2007 Bowman Heritage and 2008 Topps Heritage, for instance.

    Steve - I believe the white shoes were another one of those Charlie Finley innovations, so it would be around that time.

    Marc - I see your point!

  9. My third grade teacher Miss Rae, Santa fe school, Kansas city, 1964, took my Wayne Causey card away from me and I never saw it again. She thought I was trading it in class. Ugly, smelly female witch.

    William Lindsay Long Spfd. Mo