Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#592 Frank Bork

#592 Frank Bork
If I had to guess, I'd say that Frank Bork is the Swedish Chef's favorite baseball player. Bork bork bork!

Fun facts about Frank Bork:

-Frank was born in Buffalo and signed with the Pirates in 1960 at age 19.

-He had some outstanding years in the low minors, going 15-4 with a 3.34 ERA at Class D Hobbs and 19-7 with a 2.00 ERA at Class B Kinston.

-He made the Pittsburgh team in the spring of 1964 and debuted with two scoreless innings of relief against the Cubs on April 15.

-On April 26, he was called upon in the ninth inning to preserve a 3-2 lead with two on and two out, but allowed an inherited run to score on a Tim Harkness single. He wriggled out with the game tied at three, and lucked into his first career win via a walkoff single by Roberto Clemente in the bottom of the inning.

-Frank's initial big league save came at the expense of the Cardinals on May 2. He tossed a scoreless ninth inning to preserve a 5-4 lead.

-Bork finished the season with two wins, two losses, two saves, and two holds. In 42 innings over 33 appearances, he had a 4.07 ERA.

-The Pirates returned him to the minors in 1965, and he spent the final three years of his career at AA and AAA.

-Afterwards, he worked as a manufacturer's representative.
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  1. "Frank Bork"... least likely baseball name ever.... and another guy whose card I don't recognize from my '65 collecting. I think I must have stopped buying before the last series. Me, and everyone else. Thats why they cost more now!

  2. It's sort of humorous how far they have to go to find a highlight for some of these players. I like the part about his first major league appearance stopping a five game Pirate losing streak. Of course, today the Pirates are thrilled if they only lose five straight.

  3. sjhax -Wow, I didn't even notice! That's some scattershot recordkeeping by Topps.

    Bob - I'm relieved I haven't had more trouble filling in the high numbers. Of course, the Tony Perez rookie may be another story.

    Marc - My dad always talks about the tidbits they used to put on the scoreboard at Memorial Stadium. "Mark Belanger had the game-winning hit on May 7, 1969", and such. It was a bit sobering to see how far back they had to reach.

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